Traces of Genius

traces canteen 2for the sound of the old lab click on the photo

Traces of Genius is a project by Stefanie Reichelt.

The aim was to record the ‘traces’ left behind by the scientists of the famous MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and create  a visual ‘memento mori’ for the old LMB building.

The project has three parts

1 – the creation of a photographic archive of the Human traces and marks in the vacated old LMB building.
2 – an exhibition in the new LMB building following the scientists’ move from the old to the new space.
3 – a collaborative literary art book combining photographs from the project with short stories inspired by them.

The photographs on this page were taken with a pinhole camera. The images capture the stillness and the emptiness of the building, which was the scientific home to more than 800 scientists.  Each floor was photographed from two sides, east and west-facing. The images will be combined with sound recordings, the humming and whistling of air-conditioning and electrical aggregates.

Please participate and send stories of your ‘traces’ including how you left your mark on the LMB to:

MRC-LMB canteen


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