the traces (2013)

LMB traces small_Page_1LMB traces small_Page_9 LMB traces small_Page_8 LMB traces small_Page_7 LMB traces small_Page_6 LMB traces small_Page_5 LMB traces small_Page_4 LMB traces small_Page_3 LMB traces small_Page_2 LMB traces small_Page_1


2 thoughts on “the traces (2013)

  1. This is a wonderful evocation of the ghosts of LMB. A scarily low-tech environment, but showing the “can-do” indeed a “must-do against the odds” spirit.

  2. Pictures that appear generic, unconnected to a place and a time, but immediately evoke a response in the brains of the people that worked in the old LMB… an intimate catalogue of details that will fade into memory and disappear. The spirit has flown to a new place.

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